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Read about our crazy 'gila' story how our savoury granola was created

  • Celebrating local flavours & life

    Our favourite local spices & ingredients are woven into deliciously wholesome clusters that’ll make you gila for more!
  • Always freshly home made

    Our team works tirelessly, constantly hand baking & packing fresh batches so you always get the most goodness out of our granola!
  • Naturally nourishing

    We make everything with 100% natural ingredients, as we believe our bodies deserve only the best.
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Suggested Servings

  •  | Gila Goodness

    Nasi lemak granola with cucumber, eggs, tomatoes, and chips

  •  | Gila Goodness

    Onde-onde granola pair with toast and banana

  •  | Gila Goodness

    Tom yum granola with salad, tomatoes, and chicken shreds

  •  | Gila Goodness

    Nasi lemak granola with salad

  •  | Gila Goodness

    Nasi lemak granola with fried egg and tomatoes

  •  | Gila Goodness

    Pair nasi lemak granola with your favourite fried meehoon! Try with tom yum granola too!


We are all about creating epic moments of pure bliss and fuel, even when life gets crazy busy. Our insanely delicious creations are bursting with local flavours, made with love and care. Join us on a culinary adventure where health and indulgence collide. Get ready to dive into the incredible joy of devouring our wholesome goodies, crushing those cravings, and giving your body the love it deserves. Every bite is an experience that takes you deeper into a world of connection, satisfaction, and sheer awesomeness.

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